Myspace - Sanctuary Office

A dominant monochrome palette & accents of cool blues come to the forefront to create the visual palette of this suave & free-flowing workspace. The layout of the space has been conceptualized as fluidic zones that flow seamlessly into one another, thereby creating a meandering experience as one navigates the space. The large volume of the office space has been embellished with a sleek black slatted ceiling treatment & a cluster of black, grey, white & blue paper dome lanterns that create an intriguing collage of design elements & lighting. One is welcomed into the experience center office by a reception zone that anchors an elegant black & white variegated stone & glass statement table. The walls have been treated in a minimalistic manner using monochrome thematic murals & text that throws light upon the details of the client’s venture. Suspended vertical panels create a flexible & sleek distinction between the reception & discussion zones comprised of wood & metal furniture. Private meeting nooks have been created to allow the users to engage with their clients in privacy while staying connected to the larger layout. The entire spread of spaces is bound visually by a cohesive color scheme & textural palette that create an offbeat & alluring workspace.

  • Client: Myscape office
  • Area: 1300 Sqft
  • Completion: 2019
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, Varsha Reddy, NayantaraPatkar
  • Consultants: SPK Valo, Quba Signage, Imprima Studio, Light Sketch, NH1 Design
  • Photography: Richa Kashelkar
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra