Anushree Reddy Flagship Store

Secluded amidst a lush landscape in the urban heart of Banjara Hills, the Anushree Reddy Flagship Store is the epitome of grace and rooted design sensibilities. Monotone employment of colour reigns the exteriors and interiors, wherein hues and textures make a debut through locally sourced stones, lime plaster finishes, cane, stained natural wood, and a peppering of antiques.

An antique intricately carved beam meshed in with modern brass wire-clad rebars graces the entrance like a Torana. Vintage pillars, sculptures, and patina-laden planters dot the scenery. A mammoth stone bench perches boldly by the entrance, levitating atop a ten-foot-long stone base. The vertical fins along the perimeter of the storefront make for a deliberate architectural feature.

Pink sandstone and blush lime plaster-finished walls bathe the spatial shell on the ground level. The waiting lounge houses a chandelier that takes brass sheets and pieces them together to create a colossal fixture modelled off the traditional Chowmahalla Palace chandeliers. The collage of inverted arched hanger rods poses as an installation with purpose.

The staircase becomes the threshold that witnesses a change of materiality and hue across floors, creating morphing visuals. On the first level, yellow sandstone takes over the flooring while beige lime plaster adorns the walls. Inverted brass hanger rods cascade from the ceilings, creating display sections. The brass-profile mirrors act as spatial demarcations. Stretched fabric and wood adjustable window panels line the western façade, instilling a play of daylight.

The combination of yellow sandstone floors and beige lime plaster walls makes its way to the second level. Brass hangers display the merchandise, and the brass-framed mirrors punctuate the space. An organic-form marble and wood composite table frame the custom saree display unit.

The third level housing the designer’s workspace and display spaces observes austere grey shades with grey sandstone floors and soft grey lime plaster-finished walls. Anushree’s workspace is replete with curated antique wooden installation pieces draped by a treasured heirloom Banarasi saree.

  • Client: Anushree Reddy
  • Area: 5,100 sft
  • Completion: 2021
  • Consultants: SPK Valo, Studio Chisel, Aircontrol Engineers
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, Varsha Reddy, Bhaavana
  • Photography: Pankaj Anand
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra