Skulptura House

Skulptura House represents the best of Modern India when it comes to design and aesthetics. From the colours used and the installations created by local artisans, to the choice of materials and the layout of the homeā€”the old and the new come together harmoniously. Installations are scattered throughout the home. India takes centre-stage as local artisans play an important role when it comes to the interiors of the house. Fabrics with printed Indian motifs have been used to decorate, extensively. There is something playful to be found in each room, from the delicate butterflies that adorn the wall in one of the bedrooms; the hand-painted flower and leaf motifs on the wall of another bedroom; the brass flowers on the stairwell; and the custom-made, cow-shaped handles on the puja room door.

  • Client: My Home Group
  • Area: 3170 Sqft
  • Completion: 2018
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, Varsha Reddy
  • Photography: Richa Kashelkar
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra