The ‘Circus’ home is an eclectic single-inhabitant residence located in Banjara Hills - Hyderabad, owing the roots of its identity to the homeowner’s penchant for hues. Conceptualized and conjured to reality over the duration of September 2018 – September 2021, this abode had an unconventional brief that was weaved together intrinsically keeping the client’s brief at the nucleus — with its layered melange of design grammar and playful spin of spatial volume, the residence is a vessel of uninhibited elemental storytelling!

This expansive single-floor apartment was modified by implementing large-scale civil changes to reconfigure the layout in tandem with the custom design requirements. The original 4-BHK shell of the home was readapted to create a 2-BHK unit that anchored additional functional spaces like a Meditation room, an Entertainment Lounge, Spa and an open-plan living area, drawing room and dining space. The shared common spaces of the residence took precedence in the design narrative, creating a fluidic layout wherein each space was in continuous dialogue with the other; while the more private bedrooms anchored a dedicated section of the home.

The client’s passion for vibrancy and colour comes through evocatively with every vignette in the Circus residence, lending each space a distinct thematic persona; the colour blue in its many forms embraces the residence, bathing it in serenity and eclecticism. The maximalist kitchen is a vision in pastel pink with a striped skittish ceiling and timeless checkered harlequin floors.

The palette of materiality is laced with bespoke Parisian influences and geometric interplay across transforming vistas of the residence. The experiential and palpable aura of the home is a concoction of hints of cane, artisanal hand-made tiles, customised blue-hued Bharat Flooring tiles, pastel-inspired spaces, wooden tones, tandur stone, white marble, bold oxide finishes in the ensuite bathrooms and neo-industrial exposed concrete finishes that homogeneously traverse the ceilings.

The Circus residence pays homage to an approach of design that is limitless in its demeanour, and lends itself with every inch to the homeowner’s expressive aspirations that dawned the cape of sensorial design.

  • Client: Anonymous
  • Area: 3,000Sqft
  • Completion: 2021
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, Nayantara Patkar
  • Photography: Monika Sathe
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra