Zephyr is a gastro-lounge that presents carefully curated drinks with superimposing flavor profiles scratched up entirely from natural ingredients. The cocktail bar beckons a sweet westerly wind, called on by each glass, a sensory cocktail transporting the guest to another place and time. We worked to create a terrace style, deck design with a distinct Mediterranean vibe. Decor details summon an effect of being washed in a sea breeze. The coastal touch is achieved through the use of ocean blue upholstered chairs propped against walls finished in white. The space is spruced by potted greenery and white terrazzo flooring in combination with wood. Abstract wireframe wall art and monstera greens framed against sizeable open terrace windows add to this open-air effect while serving up a generous dose of modern chic. Color-popping is used in good measure with upholstery and decor in homage to the blendmaster. The furniture comprises Jaisalmer stone tops with metal legs placed in semi-outdoor and indoor seating areas with ambient lighting. Zephyr features a long striking bar with lounge seating for 60, weary traveller’s and those seeking adventure.

  • Client: VikasPassary + Chalapathi Rao
  • Area: 2,208Sqft
  • Completion: 2018
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, Varsha Reddy, David Samir, NayantaraPatkar
  • Photography: Richa Kashelkar
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra