The SO Sky Kitchen is a fine dining restaurant and bar serving exceptional global fare and breathtaking views. At SO, food is a performer providing the necessary histrionics and dramatic pull against a minimalist backdrop and aerial surroundscape. The project involved taking up the existing space by a notch in elegance creating space to seat 100 people in both outdoor and indoor seating areas and designing a new bar. Monochrome and muted tones were our color palette of choice for their ability to fade gracefully into the skyline. We used exaggerated and bold patterns and silhouettes in monochrome tones to punctuate this muted color palette. To achieve this, a cement finished floor with black and white stone to create a chevron pattern was developed. Lighting accents were given a cement finish with a pop of red color in the wiring. Monochrome ikkat panels feature in a false ceiling. Walls were finished in an oxide white interrupted only by geometric chevron patterns and the silhouetted shapes of standing metal-wire sculptures. Furniture took to a black hue contrasted by white serve-ware and grey and red planters. Outdoor seats took on a sculptural wireframe form homogenizing with the installation art, and indoor seats stuck to the traditional route. The introduction of potted plants brought a tinge of green to the pale and airy skyline restaurant. The So Sky Kitchen features a bar and a smoking deck.

  • Client: Vikas Passary
  • Area: 3,200Sqft
  • Completion: 2018
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, David Samir
  • Photography: Richa Kashelkar
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra