The F9|Test Kitchen is a space for chefs, home cooks and gourmet aficionados to experiment with culinary forms and create stunningly new ones, located in Hyderabad city. The primary inspiration for the Test Kitchen comes from the natural topography of Hyderabad with its rocky terrain. The design element seeks to blend seamlessly with the physical, rocky landscape playing to the strengths of this meditative environment and serving as a monastery of profound culinary experiences for guests. The seating area divided into outdoor and indoor seating seeks to maintain this inner and outer spiritual approach. For functionality, inspiration was drawn from double height spaces mainly European lofts allowing for a two-tiered, dual function space: one for cooking and one for dining. Ample use of glass is made for permeability between the two spaces so that guests can view activity in the kitchen from their perch. For the dining areas, we chose muted and natural color tones with Kota flooring for the kitchen and olive green cement flooring elsewhere. The walls have a weathered effect blending in with the rocks in the environment. The cooking areas honor an industrial structure with metal accents in salutation to the idea of a laboratory. The furniture is custom-made, mid-century with traditional Indian accents. The lighting is architectural and acrylic with gold accents. A surprise element greets guests in the form of hand-painted wall art in the double height kitchen that remains visible from all points of standing. The Test Kitchen can seat between 60-70 guests and features cooking stations, a bakery/deli, and a shopping display.

  • Client: Maya + Shankar K
  • Area: 3874 Sqft
  • Completion: 2017
  • Design Team: Sona Reddy, David Samir, Rohan Saggoo
  • Photography: Richa Kashelkar
  • Content: Lavanya Chopra