A Rendezvous

With Principal Architect Sona Reddy at the helm of the practice, in conjunction with her closely knit Design Team, the studio is known to curate spaces that radiate love and happiness.

Established in 2014, this young & evolving firm has extended its services in a plethora of design sectors encompassing: Residential, Retail, Workspaces and Hospitality genres of design. The studio has made its presence prominently felt in the design and construction realm in the short period of its establishment.

Sona Reddy Studio has had the honor of being recognized by esteemed professional juries, platforms and committees through the past couple of years.

Talking Technique

Sona Reddy Studio undertakes projects that comprise Architectural, Interior Design, Restoration and Re-adaptive assignments and their execution. The team savors the process of customizing and personally crafting spaces for the clients. The spaces synthesized are made with the intention of reflecting the client’s persona, vision and aspirations.

The projects churned out by the studio typically bear the strains of an innovative interplay of color and materiality. The central inspiration that governs every project’s curation is the ambition to make the best out of spaces and to give rise to a built framework that is much more than just a physical niche. Spaces designed by the studio invoke a modern-day aesthetic whilst staying rooted to the old-world charm of traditional concepts and techniques.


Delivering the Quintessential

The Design Team is the powerhouse behind the exclusive design process genesis & strives incessantly to deliver to its clientele. The client’s requirements assume pivotal importance while designing the flesh & bones of the project. Additionally, the team ensures that the client is informed of the most efficient alternatives that amplify the functionality & aesthetic of the project, bearing in mind the site conditions & sensitivity towards the environment.

The Sona Reddy Studio aspires with every project to concoct immaculate spaces punctuated with an ingenious & copacetic configuration of functions. The firm interweaves every endeavor with affection, virtuous design & a keen eye for detail in order to conjure spaces that are an embodiment of their inhabitant’s needs and dreams alike.